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We are boutique growers specialising in growing micro greens.


Micro greens are young leafy shoots of herbs and vegetables.


They are either picked at their peak for taste and tenderness or bought as  potted herbs, still living in their soil. 


They offer intense bursts of flavours and colours, crisp textures and visual entertainment.


Micro greens are used with all types of meals as garnishes, in salads and stir fries.


Microgreens help with making food look and tste special and are packd full of goodness.


Our extensive range allows you to individualise and personalise your dishes so that they are unique to you.


Naked Carrot microgreens are grown in nutrient rich organic soils within a specially designed growing facility.


We produce fresh Sunflower Greens, succulent Pea Tendrils and Microgreens to restaurants, cafes, and other food outlets in Tasmania, Australia.


We also sell our produce direct to the public at the following market in Hobart.
Farmgate Market – Sunday 9am to 1pm (corner Elizabeth St & Melville St)


Our family business ensures a high quality, hand raised and picked product.
They are grown in the best quality soil and as organically as possible since we believe in the importance of eating and providing food which is healthy and good for you.

Our growing system recycles heat and saves water to make it as environmentally sustainable as possible.




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